Student travel support from Norwegian Chemical Society group of Analytical Chemistry

Every year, NKS-FAK awards up to 4 travel grants to graduate students in analytical chemistry at universities and colleges in Norway. The purpose of the travel scholarship is to help Norwegian students to have the opportunity to participate in international or national courses, conferences, seminars and symposia in the student's special field in order to raise the academic level in analytical chemistry. Application deadline is not later than one month before the start of the event if another deadline is not specified for the conference. The scholarship is up to NOK 4,000. The requirements for the application can be accessed by clicking here. The application is sent to the leader in NKS-FAK Siv Hjort Dundas om email

Other student support. Envirochem encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to attend the envirochem-conference. We will support undergradute Msc-student with xxx per night and PhD-students with yyy per night. The funding must be applied for by filling out a short notice on the conference registration form or sending a short application to