The 1st Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium was arranged in September (14.-16.) in Loen with 60 participants. In the upcoming NECS 2022 symposium we hope to attract over 100 participants. This NECS conference-series is addressing leading scientists, experts, students, and industrial researchers, as well as environmental authorities and regulators, associated with all aspects of chemistry applied in environmental sciences, monitoring and regulation.   The National organising Committee will ensure a timely and exciting programme of invited lectures on emerging issues as well as contributed oral and poster presentations. The aim of the symposium is to to provide an interdisciplinary platform for Norwegian and international specialists to examine and exchange experiences in this continuing growing field to encourage exchange of ideas and knowledge:

- How Norway solved environmental problems hitherto since the 1960s.
- Recent developments and state-of-the-art knowledge in main areas of environmental chemistry
- Major environmental chemistry challenges today
- Immediate challenges to 2030 and in the long run towards 2050.

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Selected topics

  • Life cycle assessment
  • Material flow analysis
  • Environmental decision making
  • Biogeochemistry in the Anthropocen
  • Risk assessments
  • Trends in boreal and polar environment
  • Climate change and green energy
  • Human exposure and health
  • Green and sustainable chemistry
  • Ambient and workplace air pollutant

Invited speakers

Please go to our invited speaker page to view the titles of our keynote speaker presentations, covering many important areas from environmental processes to Norwegian Environmental law.  We feel sure these will help you  catch the pulse of key issues of Norwegian Environmental Chemistry 2022.
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Bli medlem


Please visit our programme pages to view key information and the timeschedule of the symposium

Combine Science and recreation

In tradition with former winter conferences, we have allocated time for leisure activities during an extended lunch break. Geilo offers the largest number of downhill slopes, but also well prepared cross-country tracks. For other outdoor winter activities visit Alternatively, you can allow yourself a refeshing timeout in Vestlias spa & fitness area
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