The Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium (NECS)

builds upon a long lasting national tradition of Norwegian conferences on environmental chemistry dating back to the annual Norwegian environmental chemistry winter meetings (1975 – 2003). In this tradition, NECS will be developed as an annual meeting series for a Norwegian professional network on all aspects of environmental chemistry. The NECS 2020 will provide an inspiring platform for interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and scientitifc discussions. The planned 3 days symposium (September 14-16, 2020) will be held in Loen (Vestland County) and is expected to attract about 100 participants on all scientific aspects in the context of environmental chemistry. The NECS symposium series will be organised under the auspice of Norwegian Chemical Society’s Division for Analytical Chemistry (NKS-FAK) as an independent organisation.

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Status - challenges - outlook

The aim of the symposium is to bring together Norwegian and international specialists to examine and exchange experiences in this continuing growing field and encourage exchange of ideas and knowledge:

  • How Norway solved environmental problems hitherto since the 60thies.
  • Recent developments and state-of-the-art knowledge in main areas of environmental chemistry.
  • Major environmental chemistry challenges today
  • Moving forward. Our immediate challenges to 2030 and in the long term towards 2050.


 Background  and status of environmental chemistry conferences in Norway

Due to the expressed interested for establishing a Scandinavian wide conference platform in environmental chemistry, the well established Norwegian winter meetings were gradually extended to a conference for Norwegian – Swedish environmental chemists (2003 – 2008) and then as a Nordic Enviromental Chemistry Conference (NECC 2010 – 2016). Unfortunately, for the past 5 years, no NECC meetings have been organised and the conference series is not expected to be reactivated. Therefore, based on the need for a continuous national platform for professional networking and knowledge exchange in environmental chemistry, the Norwegian Organisation Committee has decided to reactivate the national Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium with international attendance.