Conference Secretariat and Key Contacts:
Yngvar Thomassen (Chairman), +47 995 10 521,  E-mail:
Roland Kallenborn (Vice-chairman, NKS-FAK contact point)  +47  908 79 988 , E-mail:
Oddvar Røyset: (Administrative support):  +47 901 49 541, E-mail:
E-mail client for general  (followed up daily by the key contacts above)

Contact details for the hotel: Vestlia Resort, Bakkestølvegen 81, 3580 Geilo,, e-post:, Tel: +47 32 08 72 00.
Room booking. Normal registrees: NECS book hotelroom for normal registrees and you pay on checkout.
If you need to book hotelroom outside the conference period, you may do this by mail or by telephone 0047 32 08 72 17, and pay as you prefer.

Organisation Committee

Yngvar Thomassen (Chairman), National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI), Oslo, Norway, e-mail:
Roland Kallenborn (Vice-chairman, NKS-FAK contact point) NMBU, Ås, Norway  e-mail:
Elin Gjengedal, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) , Ås, Norway, e-mail:
Oddvar Røyset, Oslo, Norway (CEO, Røyset AS), e-mail :
Lindis Skipperud, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)  Ås, Norway,  e-mail:
Rolf David Vogt, Norwegian institute for water research,  NIVA, Oslo , Norway e-mail:
Georg Becher, University of Oslo,Oslo,e-mail:
Balazs Berlinger, University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, Hungary e-mail

About the NECS organisation
NECS is organised under the auspices of Norwegian Chemical Society’s Division for Analytical Chemistry (NKS-FAK). NECS is an independent  organisation registered under the Norwegian Brønnøysundregistry ( org no 822 903 452. Bank services are offered by The Norwegian Bank DNB ( account 1503.37.07063.  The conference registration service is supplied by, a subsidiary of DNB. The Administrative system is delivered by the company Styreweb, which offer an accounting system in compliance with  Norwegian accounting laws and  practices for full transparancy of all economic transactions.  NECS strive to follow modern guidelines for good business conduct.

NECS strive to comply with current GDPR regulations by only using adress management systems which have GDPR declarations (Personvernerklæringer) approved by the companies' leadership/Board that their address and personal information systems offers GDPR compliance. For such purposes NECS use STYREWEB ( for contact-address-management, DELTAGER AS ( for conference registration, DNB bank ( for economy transactions.  NECS collects contact details for persons (name, institution email and cellphone) from open sources such as employee list wepages of the parent institutions. For companies we collect this information from advertisements in journals and webpages and furthermore by direct connection to the Brønnøysundsregistry ( by third parties (Styreweb, Proff, etc). Our aim is not to share any other infomation than that already available on websites.

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