Msc student support program for NECS2023 is closed. We now ask students with support for NECS 2023 to submit their reports, to get their refunds (se below)

Information and dates below are tentative

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NECS support students with grants for participation in the symposium. Application deadline for NECS 2025 will be annonced here. Application should be submitted to:

 NECS is an important meeting place for academic information and networking for students in environmental chemistry. NECS supports a limited number of Master (MSc) students to present their work and participate in networking. NFR, NECS, The Professional Group for Analytical Chemistry (NKS-FAK) finance this support, which covers participation fees and up to 3 days board and lodging at the conference hotel. 

To apply for funding, you must submit a short application in accordance with the following three criteria: 
1) Specify that you are applying for coverage of the registration fee for students (NOK 2000) and state how many accommodations you need covered (max 3 days á NOK 2550) 
2) List your academic institution where the MSc thesis is performed, the name of the supervisor and the start and planned end date of your MSc thesis.
3) Title of MSc thesis with a summary of your contribution (poster or lecture) (you may use the conference abstract form of max one page).

You will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of your application for support by January 3, 2023. Since a report of at least two pages is required from students who have been granted support, these students must also pay NOK 2000 in registration fee when registering for the conference. This amount will, however, be refunded when the report is received by the organizer with a deadline of February 15.  
The report should explain the support from NECS, include a short summary of your contribution, your experience from the conference and a JPG/PDF of your poster or oral PP-contribution. We will also ask for a short contribution on a SoMe channel such as the Facebook of NKS FAK, your institution's Facebook or website, stating that your contribution was supported by NECS in cooperation with NKS-FAK and NFR.

Application deadline for NECS 2025 will be annonced here. Application should be submitted to: