The Abstract deadline for NECS 2025 will be announced here. 

Information and dates below are tentative by February 2023

Abstact shall be submitted to email adress :

The format required can be downloaded by clicking on the Preparation of Abstract to NECS document at the bottom of this page. The document will appear at the bottom of the window in your Browser. You will also find the document in you Downloads (Nedlastinger) folder using your PCs Filemanager.

The format required for the ABSTRACT is also explained in the text below (blue fonts)

INSTRUCTION FOR PREPARATION OF THE ONE-PAGE ABSTRACT (see specs for fonts, margins, linespace etc in the text below)

Yngvar Thomassen, National Institute of Occupational Health, P.O. Box 8149 Dep., N-0033 Oslo, Norway,, Roland Kallenborn, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, N-1432 ÅS, Norway

Please make the abstract informative in order to ensure that your paper is scheduled for the appropriate session and to attract the interest of your colleagues. Figures and tables may be included to convey important information. References should be included only when absolute essential and are to be placed at the end of the abstract. Your abstract must not exceed one page, with (single spaced, in font Times New Roman 12 or equivalent, margin 2.5 cm for top, bottom, right and left, included any tables, figures and references. The abstract title should be in capital letters. Please underline the name of the presenting author(s). Email-adress for presenting authors may be included if desired, while co-authors' email are voluntary.