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Corona notifications
The NECS board follow governmental updates on the corona situation and changes in national/international guidelines will be posted here. If new restrictions arise which require to postpone the conference, those who have already registered and paid the registration fee, will be refunded. Hotel reservations will be cancelled. The last years  vaccination programmes have considerably reduced the risk for serious effects from beeing infected by corona. We encourage all to test themselves on suspicion and follow guidelines recommended by the authorities for 2022 -2023 for isolation or other preventive measures.

SPAM notifications
Both the board members and others with email-adresses exposed on this webpage, has recently reported spams with invitations to register at the hotel and prepay the hotel costs. We encourage all to be very careful on receicving such invitations, especially those including payments Contact the board on suspicion of spam to our general email address:, Don't answer to them, they are looking for confirmation of your email-adress and your money if you pay. Be careful, delete and don't redistribute these mails.