The invited speaker programme for the upcomming NECS 2025 will be displayed here


Please read the NECS 2023 invited speaker topics to get an impression of the content to the upcomming NECS 2025

Arja Rautio, University of Oulu, Finland: Exposures and health of Arctic populations – The One Health approach

Kevin Bishop, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden: How advances in the measurement of mercury are transforming our understanding of recovery from this global threat

Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø, Norway: Microplastics in the Arctic

Gunnar Grini, Federation of the Norwegian Industry (Norsk industri): Circular economy – Experiences from the Norwegian industry

Hans Christian Bugge, University of Oslo (UiO), Dep of Public and International Law: Norwegian ministry of Climate and Environment (KLD) 50 years: Important developments of Norwegian environmental law 

Dag EllingsenNational Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI): Trace elements in whole blood and their association with diet and iron status: Results from an indigenous population study in the Russian Arctic

Ian Cousins, Stockholm University, Dep of Environmental sciences: Approaches for tackling the planetary boundary for chemical pollution

Monica Sanden, Institute for Marine Research (MRI): Climate change and impact on critical contaminants and lipids in Arctic Seafood

Wenche Aas, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU): Changes in the atmospheric chemical composition and impacts on climate, health, and ecosystems


Cathrine Brecke Gundersen, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, (NIVA): Future drinking water levels of nitrosamines and nitramines near a CO2 capture plant

Alexander Eiler, University of Oslo, Dep of Biology (UIO): Environmental DNA Analysis (e-DNA) - principles and applications

Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, Norwegian University for Life sciences (NMBU): Enzymatic depolymerization of natural and synthetic polymers

Deborah Oughton, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Challenges in assessing the impacts of radionuclides on man and the environment. An overview of CERAD research

Heleen de Wit, Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA): The Thousand Lake survey: expected and unexpected changes in lake chemistry during three decades of cleaner air and climate change

Elisabeth Rødland, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, (NIVA): Tire and road wear particles in the environment - current knowledge and future needs

Jon Petter Omtvedt, University of Oslo, Dep of Chem, (UIO): Is there a green nuclear future for Norway

Siv Kari Lauvset, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS: What is ocean acidification? From theory through quantification to monitoring.