Preliminary list per 20220926 

Joakim Pagels,Lund University, Sweden:Ultrafine particles from combustion sources - emission factors, measurement and toxicological effects

Arja Rautio,University of Oulu, Finland:Exposures and health of Arctic populations – The One Health approach

Kevin Bishop,Swedish University of Acgricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden:How advances in the measurement of mercury are transforming our understanding of recovery from this global threat

Geir Wing Gabrielsen,Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø, Norway:Microplastic in the Arctic

Gunnar Grini,Federation of the Norwegian Industry, (Norsk industry): Circular economy – Experiences from the Norwegian industry

Hans Christian Bugge, University of Oslo: Norwegian ministry of Climate and Environment 50 yrs – Development of Norwegian and international environmental law with emphasis on control of chemicals

Dag Ellingsen,National Institute of Occupational Health, Oslo, Norway:Trace elements in whole blood and their association with diet and iron status: Results from an indigenous population study in the Russian Arctic

Ian Cousins, Stockholm University, title to be decided later