The  1st Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium (NECS 2020) was arranged in September(14.-16.) in Loen, Vestland County and attracted about 60 participants. The 2nd Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium (NECS 2022) will now be arranged in 2022 in Geilo from January 31. to February 2. We hope to attract over 100 participants. This NECS conference series in a re-newed modern format addressing leading experts, authorities, regulators and scientists associated with all aspects of chemistry applied in environmental sciences, monitoring and regulation.

The Organising Committee will ensure a timely and exciting programme of invited lectures on emerging issues as well as contributed oral and poster presentations. The symposium aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for students and academic and industrial researchers, public managers to present and discuss the most recent advancements, trends and concerns as well as practical challenges and solutions in environmental chemistry.

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Important topics  of environmental chemistry to be discussed, are 

Important topics  of environmental chemistry to be discussed, are 
Life cycle assessment
Material flow analysis
Environmental decision making
Biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene
Risk assessments
Trends in boreal and polar environments
Climate change and green energy
Human exposure and health
Green and sustainable chemistry
Ambient and workplace air pollutants

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