The conference will comprise two and a half days of oral and poster contributions. 
Oral presentations (invited or submitted) will be 30 and 20 minutes duration included 5 minutes for discussion.
Poster presentations will be given equal prominence and ample time will be allowed for discussion. 
The working language of the conference is English. All sessions will be held at Vestlia Resort. 
The invited speakers  and titles of contributions will be updated continuously on the Invited Speakers page

Abstract submission: Participants are cordially invited to submit contributions dealing with the conference topics. A one-page abstract must reach the Chairman of the Organising Committee by December  1, 2021. The organisers will then be able to include your abstract in the scientific programme.

Posters will be displayed in the exhibition and coffee break room from Monday morning to Wednesday noon.  It is important that your audience is able to read the content from a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. "Less is better". Appropriate materials for mounting will be provided. Further details on poster board sizes and board numbering will be posted in due time. 

Example of address section: Yngvar Thomassen,National Institute of Occupational Health,P.O. Box 8149 DEP, N-0033 Oslo, Norway. E-mail:

These instructions reflect the editorial and content formats required for the Abstract Book. Your abstract must not exceed one page with margin 2.5 cm (top, botton sides), text single spaced, font Times New Roman 12, typed area not exceed 15 cm by 25 cm, included any tables, figures and references).  Please underline the name of the presenting author(s). Please make the abstract informative in order to ensure that your paper is scheduled for the appropriate session and to attract the interest of your colleagues. Figures and tables may be included to convey important information. References should be included only when absolute essential and placed at the end of the abstract. 

Click on the document link below to download the abstract template in Word format
(please note that the document in most browsers will appear at the bottom of the window)